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Why Are Your Employees Resisting Change?

As a business owner you may feel frustrated with your employees.  You’ve spent so much time creating your vision and developing your strategy into an action plan, and now you’re excited to move on to the implementation phase. The problem is that your employees do not seem to share your same level of enthusiasm; in fact they are flat out opposing the change. 

You have no option.  Your small business must be flexible to change with trends, sales, and technology in order to be successful in our dynamic society.  As the business owner it is your responsibility to continuously monitor the environment and develop strategies to thrive.  Let’s take a step back and think about the implications of your new strategies for your employees.  When you create an action plan you are directly asking your employees to change some behavior, output, or working environment to meet the demands of the new goal(s).

The disconnect between the creator of the plan and the people who implement it can stem from a variety of factors, which cause your employees to resist the change.  People in general have fear of the unknown, and changing the way things are done in the organization can seem scary at first glance.  Reviewing the reasons below may help you determine why your employees are not accepting the change…

Reasons employees resist change:

  • The reason for change itself is unclear
  • The communication about the change is insufficient
  • The employee was not part of the planning process
  • The change threatens their job, power or status
  • The employee is quite comfortable with the current processes
  • The employee does not feel they have the adequate tools to implement the change

The reality is that without your employees’ help, the change will not happen.  It is vital to your organization’s success that changes are embraced rather than resisted, as productivity dramatically increases when your employees are not using all their energy to challenge the action plan.  Here are some ways you can get your employees excited about your strategy…

Ways to get your employees onboard:

  • Include the employees in the planning process
  • Clearly communicate the plan
  • Tell the employees how the plan will benefit them
  • Assign specific roles to employees to give them ownership
  • Set measurable goals with your employees
  • Allow your employees to suggest alternate paths during the implementation phase

Once your employees are encouraged to embrace change, they’ll no longer fear it, and change will come to your company.



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