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How to Wave That Social Media Wand

If you’ve had to rely on social media to drum up business, you know how Harry Potter must have felt when he was living under the stairs, or how useless Tinkerbelle must have been before Mr. Disney discovered her.  Both were eventually given magic wands that could convert things instantly, whether pumpkins into carriages or rattlesnakes into jelly beans.

Many small business owners use social media; however very few know how to convert their ‘Likes’ into customers.  The conversion gap lies somewhere between the social media silos, and sales and marketing automation software like Infusionsoft.  Just imagine what it would be like if you could take all your social media followers and actively market to them through email, text, voice broadcasts, and direct mail.

Well Tinkerbelle, now you can.  The magic wand you can use to convert your social media Likes into solid customers is called GroSocial.  It allows you to create contests and spread promotions through your pages with ease.  The best part is that you can capture your leads through opt-in forms on the GroSocial pages!

In addition, GroSocial lets you schedule Tweets and Facebook posts.  Keeping up with daily messages was always a hassle for me, but now I schedule posts a month in advance.  Every day my content is automatically posted and I can increase my social media engagement without even having to log in!  You’ve invested time on social media networks. Now, it’s time for those networks to start working for you.

GroSocial has been a tremendous asset to me, and to my clients.  In fact, through the use of GroSocial, one of my clients was able to increase their page Likes by 30% and converted 10 sales in the first month!  Social media marketing has never been so effective for small business.  Since GroSocial bridges the gap between social media and converting leads, GroSocial is my favorite Infusionsoft Marketplace App.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant/Reseller, I strongly recommend GroSocial to any small business owner using social media.  Click here to view the Infusionsoft Marketplace and check out more GroSocial features.

Attracting your fans, capturing new leads and growing your business.  GroSocial makes it easy to look good on social networks.  As easy as…waving a magic wand.

Nicole Barainca, MBA
Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC)

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