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March: Small Business Buzz








It’s hard to believe March is already here. How are your goals and projections for the year progressing? Are you effectively marketing your services to realize your revenue goals?So far the new year has been a whirlwind, and our team has been busy learning! We’ve been attending an intensive marketing seminar, participating in a mastermind session, attending Word Camp, and learning advanced social media strategies. I must admit, while I love the science of marketing and understand its value, I remain an operations nerd.

When it comes to business, I can’t help but look at a company’s performance in numbers and monitor performance indicators in three key areas:

1) Revenue Strategies: Sales, marketing, service, pricing, etc.

2) Culture strategies: Increasing employee engagement, developing talent, goal alignment, etc.

3) Profit strategies: Simplifying, automating and streamlining processes to decrease costs and/or improve service

During this next month, we will share a series of articles all focused on Revenue Strategies. Our first article, The Icing on the Cake, covers three simple revenue strategies that most companies forget to focus on, thus losing opportunities to increase sales, further develop and nurture relationships with clients, and decrease marketing costs (money, time and energy).

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