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June Small Business Buzz

Here in Reno, Nevada it is truly getting beautiful… the frogs have returned to the pond, the birds are back, and the days are long and sunny.  Best of all, it’s time to plant the garden!

Tending to the garden throughout the summer is one of my favorite activities.  It is so rewarding to water in the morning and watch the plants grow and begin to produce incredible fruits and vegetables.

Our business grows through the same proven process. 

1) Visualize the outcome

2) Prepare the soil

3) Plant the seeds

4) Water regularly

5) Pick the weeds

6) Watch the growth

7) Enjoy the fruits of your labor

This summer I challenge you to apply this same principal to your business.  Identify a goal/outcome that you know it is time to address.  Identify in advance where your challenges will be and find the help you need to ensure you achieve your goal. 

Our English Gardner prepares the soil and arranges the drip system to align with our vision for the garden.  I know this isn’t my strength, nor is it what I love.  The rest of the process is what I love.

If you have a goal and need some assistance to ensure it’s success, call us for a free consultation 775.354.0308.  In the meantime, we trust you’ll enjoy the article below, “Why are your Employees Resisting Change?”.

To our new readers– including those in the UK who just joined us– a warm welcome and thank you for joining our community.

To your success,


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