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Inspired and Annoyed!

I was recently in the office of a good friend and sharp businesswoman who shared with me that she was in the process of taking herself off several mailing lists to clear out her mailbox.  Admitting to myself that I am spending WAY TOO MUCH time going through my email every morning, I was inspired to do the same thing!

Here comes the annoying part!  It’s day three and I just didn’t realize how much time this would require.  I quickly realized that the reason I’ve avoided this step for so long is that is far easier and faster to just hit “delete” than search out an unsubscribe button, be sent to another page, confirm the lists I want removed from (all of them!), and unsubscribe.

As if the process itself isn’t annoying enough, the real annoyance was self-directed as I asked myself that famous question I learned so long ago in a Rapport Leadership course, “Where else in my life does this show up?” OUCH!

As I started thinking about my business and personal life, I realized there were other “little” things that I continue to do over and over again, even though I know there is a better way.  Often, it’s my team members who are cheated by this behavior the most.  I stifle their growth every time I choose to do something myself that they are talented enough and capable enough to handle themselves.

I’m not proud to say I’ve had this ‘ah-ha’ more than once in my life, and I know it is time to address it once again.  If this story has struck a chord with you, I encourage you to think about those things—small and large—that you or your employees continue to do the same old way, even though you know there is a better way of doing things.

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2 comments on “Inspired and Annoyed!
  1. I completely agree! As I age I find comfort in routine. The real challenge is finding a routine that is positive. Moving out of any routine means developing another routine, hopefully it’s not “out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for your comment! A great book to read is ‘The Power of Habit’, it really focuses on changing routines. Thanks again!

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