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Feast, Famine, or Perfect Customer Lifecycle?

Every business sets out to sell a product or service to their customer.  And usually the sales begin to happen and the owner becomes so busy fulfilling, that they forget to attract new leads and nurture existing customers.  This leads to a vicious cycle of the business feast or famine.

During the feast, your business is putting out daily operation fires and struggling to keep up with the increased demand.  Unfortunately, once you have fulfilled the orders, your business has neglected to find new leads and all of the sudden the famine begins.

Preventing the Deadly Feast or Famine

By following the Customer Lifecycle you can ensure your business has a steady predicable increase in sales.

Examine the diagram above and ask yourself, “Where is my business losing sales?”  We understand the Customer Lifecycle may be a new concept and most business owners overestimate the time it takes to successfully implement each phase.  By implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you can automate each phase so that potential leads are not being forgotten.

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