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Facing Up to Facebook and Getting Social

The thought of using Facebook, or any social media outlet for that matter, can seem daunting.  However, by breaking down your plan into smaller steps, you’ll be able to develop a plan that fits your small business needs.


With Facebook, there are tools on the Internet such as HootSuite.com that you can upload and use to schedule multiple posts.  This is great news for the busy entrepreneur, because you don‘t have to write your post every day.  Instead you can simply schedule your pictures, status, or event for a date in the future at a specified time, and then HootSuite will automatically transfer the feed to your social media site.

Now that you have uploading down, you’re probably thinking there is still one small problem: I don’t know what to post!  By laying out a daily template you will be able to get organized and schedule interesting posts for each day.  There are two ways to break down your Facebook plan:

  1. Create monthly or quarterly plans for your business.  For example, if your small business is a clothing boutique, you could break up each quarter and focus on fashion items that correlate with the seasons.
  2. Create a daily schedule.  Each day of the week your theme can remain constant so you simply find information related to each topic.  Going back to our small clothing boutique example, the schedule could look similar to this:
  • Monday: Fashion
  • Tuesday: Picture of boutique clothing item
  • Wednesday:  Specials/Promotions
  • Thursday: Trends
  • Friday: Which do you like better?  Pictures of two similar items (shirts, pants, boots) offered at the boutique.

The advantage of maintaining your social media site is that you can direct your customers to buy the items you want to sell.  For example, at the end of summer you can post your sale items and push customers towards your excess inventory.

Let your social media sites work for you by scheduling things in advance and coming up with a strategic plan timeline.  Like any big problem, you can manage it much better by breaking it down into chewable chunks!

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One comment on “Facing Up to Facebook and Getting Social
  1. Super tips Nicole! Scheduling helps me run multiple blogs while traveling around the world. Hootsuite rocks.

    One note; do engage frequently to connect with your audience as automating even most of your updates on FB will soon make updates fall on deaf ears. Plan, update, automate then hop online and engage your friends, never forgetting to share their content too.

    Thanks for sharing!


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