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The Differences Between Managing and Leading

We’ve all been there; watching somebody work on a project in a way that we knew could be more productive.  “Here, let me show you …” and before you know it, the project has been completed – by you. We’re

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Strategies to Maximize your Potential

This week we have a special blog from a featured author: Jay Ship, Vice President and COO at Rapport Leadership International. If it’s ever been a struggle to create what you want most in life, consider that your goals and

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Why Are Your Employees Resisting Change?

As a business owner you may feel frustrated with your employees.  You’ve spent so much time creating your vision and developing your strategy into an action plan, and now you’re excited to move on to the implementation phase. The problem

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Inspired and Annoyed!

I was recently in the office of a good friend and sharp businesswoman who shared with me that she was in the process of taking herself off several mailing lists to clear out her mailbox.  Admitting to myself that I

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Critical Culture: Start Owning Your Company Culture

Company culture exists whether you acknowledge it or not. Fostering a focused culture in your small business will set it apart from the rest.  Use this process to start identifying the culture you want—after all, you must know what you

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