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How to Wave That Social Media Wand

If you’ve had to rely on social media to drum up business, you know how Harry Potter must have felt when he was living under the stairs, or how useless Tinkerbelle must have been before Mr. Disney discovered her.  Both

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Four Ways to Stop Coasting and Start Growing Profits

The business world has always been a competitive place to be, and the reality is that we literally can’t afford to coast along at current performance levels – we need to promote more business growth by finding whatever it is

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Infusionsoft – Customizing your Dashboard

Infusionsoft is a powerful customer relationship management software made especially for small businesses. To help users that already have the software we will be posting a variety of Infusionsoft User Guides. If you would like more information on Infusionsoft and

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Profit Strategies that Raise Revenue and Cut Costs

Our last blog discussing Profit Strategies covered your Business Plan, the same plan you probably used to get funding for your business in the first place.  We pointed out that your Plan already has the tools you need to rank

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Employees with Benefits? Finding the Best Strategy for Providing Benefits that Employees Value

We know we are in hard economic times, and regardless of the generation they’re part of, your workers are relying on benefits.  Most employees in a small business feel financially stressed, which means the benefits you provide may be the

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