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Fresh Business Perspectives Under The Big Sky

When my husband announced he’d like to take a week off to go to Montana, sleep under the stars, enjoy friends, and fish, the only thing I felt was anxiety — how am I possibly going to meet my business

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June Small Business Buzz

Here in Reno, Nevada it is truly getting beautiful… the frogs have returned to the pond, the birds are back, and the days are long and sunny.  Best of all, it’s time to plant the garden! Tending to the garden

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When a Entrepreneur becomes Visionless

You could say I have a deep understanding of the power of Vision:  I’m an entrepreneur, who is married to another entrepreneur, and who works with entrepreneurs.  In general, entrepreneurs are visionary by nature: new ideas, creative approaches, compelling plans, and big

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Inspired and Annoyed!

I was recently in the office of a good friend and sharp businesswoman who shared with me that she was in the process of taking herself off several mailing lists to clear out her mailbox.  Admitting to myself that I

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Revenue Strategies: Part 1 of 4 – Icing on the Cake

As an accountant by trade, I can’t help but differentiate between revenue strategies and profit strategies.  Revenue strategies are those where the intended outcome is to increase sales.  Businesses often spend so much time focusing on attracting new clients that

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